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iTunes store displays black screen

iTunes displaying nothing? Or just the top banner and a black screen? When you move the mouse around the black, do the play/pause icons magically appear?

It turns out that in the latest version of iTunes ( if you stretch the window past 2048 pixels wide, then it fails miserably. Note that I can currently only test this on Windows 7 64-Bit.

My desktop happens to be 2560 pixels wide (interesting that this doesn't happen on Retina displays!?) and i get this...


I quickly switched the window over to my other monitor at 1600 pixels wide, worked fine. Hah. So then I tried to shrink the window on my main monitor... here's 2055 pixels...


... and then coming under the 2048 threshold... tada! ....


2039 pixels, works fine... how annoying. Hopefully this helps someone else stuck in the same situation.

Bieber is cool, right?