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Tenshodo HO Model Railway Catalogue

Another from the found-at-flea-market and needs-to-be-preserved box. This actually came with a single A4 insert of pricings from a Melbourne hobby shop in pounds and shillings... and I lost it. Pretty angry.

tenshodo-2 tenshodo-1

tenshodo-3 tenshodo-4

tenshodo-5 tenshodo-6

tenshodo-7 tenshodo-8

tenshodo-9 tenshodo-10

tenshodo-11 tenshodo-12

tenshodo-13 tenshodo-14

tenshodo-15 tenshodo-16

tenshodo-17 tenshodo-18

tenshodo-19 tenshodo-20

Beautiful rolling-stock. Interestingly with an inclusion of Japanese Freight cars! But no Japanese locomotives.

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