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My Favourite Shinkansen: 300 Series

This photo was taken with a second-hand (and then damaged by me) Fujitsu Finepix back in 2006. It was my first meeting with the 300 Series and it was love at first sight.

300 Series Shinkansen

I can't believe they've already chopped this model up.


Regional Rail Link

The Regional Rail Link is the Victorian governments answer to traffic congestion between Footscray and Werribee. The goal is to build a new line to Geelong via the north of the area and bypass it entirely. Of course, this will just move the regional trains, the sparks will still service the bypassed area.

On the capture below, you'll see a V/Locity testing the tracks at full speed. This happened this morning. It's interesting to see that there are data points missing around Deer Park.


RRL Return

The same consist then returned via the loop. A fellow fan mentions that this was to keep the drivers memories of the route fresh and to keep the rust off the rails.

The entire section is expected to be in operation in April this year.


Battered EF66s at Suita, Osaka

Continuing the trend of top-rated pictures, here's a couple of EF66s (one of my favourite japanese locomotives) light-engine through Suita Depot in NE Osaka.

EF66s at Takatsuki