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Malaysia – December, 2018

Have always had a soft-spot for this country. The climate and landscape is awesome, and so are the people and food. Let's also not forget about the IT/Electronics/Junk shopping! Oh yeah, they have railways too... of quite a few kinds! For accommodation, I highly recommend the Sekeping Resorts chain of locations. I don't know if they came before or after AirBnB, but it's the same idea. Someone has developed small neighbourhood properties into temporary accommodation. The first stop was Sekeping Tenggiri, right in the mix near Bangsar and it was fantastic!


Just bring mosquito repellant!


Just east of the main city is a vibrant suburb with a lot of ex-pats. There's great malls and great bars/clubs/restaurants... and also great accomodation. From the station you can also see just about all modes of transit! Bangsar Station has a great view of the airport line and the main rail line. There was a bit of trackwork being undertaken, so all trains had to come to a halt for single-line-working. No freight was seen, but works trains were around. There's also a few pedestrian overpasses down the line towards MidValley Mall which provide great views also.


DSC05863 DSC05864 DSC05866 DSC05869 DSC05871

DSC05873 DSC05876 DSC05879

DSC05882 DSC05883 DSC05885 DSC05886 DSC05887


Always a favourite, in any country. The flea markets are amazing at 7am in the morning. Supposedly Saturday morning is the best? Get there early (i.e. 6-7am) as it gets really hot really quickly and the sellers pack up quick. Expect crowds, junk and a sensory overload. Make sure your belongings are safe in secure bags and pockets! I found a few cool PCMCIA devices and a Sony Clie... for princely amounts of around AUD$2.00. And yeah, Maccas for breakfast.


DSC05892 DSC05893 DSC05894

There's also a cute little bi-directional monorail running through town. It actually starts right back at KL Sentral and takes you into the IT district.

DSC05897 DSC05904 DSC05910

Kuala Lumpur Station

This is a beautiful station, but also really a relic of what the railway used to be. With all the new above-ground modes of transport, this station doesn't see much use at all. It's also not overly-well connected to the rest of the network. KL Sentral, with it's mall and multi-mode connections, is the proper transit station. Regardless, this station is still beautiful and worth a visit! Unfortuantely, platforms 3 and 4 were closed for maintenance; fortunately, there was a railset train in operation!


DSC06217 DSC06220 DSC06215

DSC06223 DSC06230 DSC06232


DSC06244 DSC06245 DSC06246 DSC06247 DSC06250

The express to Butterworth came and left as I was checking out the works train.

DSC06255 DSC06256 DSC06258

From the outside, you can actually get shots of the main station building through the cloudy windows... it's a bit of a shadow of its former self!

DSC05955 DSC05957 DSC05962

Across the road is the main KTMB office.

DSC05969 DSC06236 DSC05968

And then... the best part. You can walk the full length of the platform north and end up in Chinatown/Central Market. It was all very much under-construction, to the point where they had a second works train moving spoil around. And guess what? It was a freeeeeeekin DD51 from Japan! In perfectly AWFUL condition!


DSC05921 DSC05926 DSC05933

DSC05938 DSC05928 DSC05920


After an amazing 3 days in the jungle at Sekeping Serendah, it was time to get back to the big smoke. This wasn't as easy as expected... getting a taxi from the resort was impossible and the owner's car was misfiring amazingly. I'm actually surprised we made it back and forth.


Anyway, it was down to Serendah Station where I, for some reason, expected a higher frequency of services.

DSC05994 DSC05970 DSC05974

One EMU bolted through, and then people starting appearing on the platform... hopefully a stopper would come through soon. Of course, before that, a light engine bolted through... was that a blue tiger!?!


DSC05979 DSC05981 DSC05983

And then a real freighter! Woo hooooo....


And that was that... an actual service stopped through and took us quickly to a transfer station as the main line into KL was under repair.

From the Rooftop of Alila Bangsar Hotel

This was a nice surprise... the final hotel in Malaysia and a perfect location! The view from the hotel rooms was fantastic. Southbound you get to see the monorail depot and airport trains.


DSC05995 DSC06002 DSC06004

And then the roof! From the roof, you get to swim in the pool (or eat dinner) and watch the trains pass by the base of the building. I probably took waaaaaay too many photos.

DSC06012 DSC06013 DSC06014 DSC06017 DSC06020

DSC06008 DSC06011 DSC06038

DSC06046 DSC06050 DSC06054 DSC06055 DSC06059

DSC06027 DSC06031 DSC06036

The sunset is fantastic... and there's, of course, other random things to look at...


DSC06188 DSC06184 DSC06152


DSC06179 DSC06203 DSC06191

Putrajaya and Cyberjaya

The main target was the Morrocan Mosque, but the take-away was being allowed into the derelict monorail station at the main train station! I'd seen the stubs of decrepit monorail track and had wondered how the german designers had manage to infiltrate Malaysia so well with their technology (it didn't survive in Sydney either.) Of course, this station had been shut down and truncated for quite a while and there was even a new over-ground rail system being extended down to the area.


So those two rails above are the truncated Monorail. Here's why... the LRT is on it's way to this location.

DSC06085 DSC06086 DSC06087

But then the juicy part... the actual monorail station upstairs...


DSC06073 DSC06078 DSC06089

DSC06074 DSC06075 DSC06080

DSC06082 DSC06084 DSC06088 DSC06090 DSC06093

There was a cute little track machine down this end of town also.

DSC06068 DSC06076 DSC06067

It was then a quick trip on the EMU back to Bangsar and then a late evening flight back to Avalon. Skybus actually runs a pretty damn good service, connecting to the Air Asia X flights!

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