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MINI VGA2HDMI Converter Issues

I bought this converter on eBay to get my Dreamcast plugged into my new TV which does not have VGA input. All worked really well during the first fortnight of usage.


4+ weeks into usage saw really bad performance from the device: screen distortion, black screens, incorrect resolutions and really crappy sound.

DSC00027 DSC00028 DSC00030

Wiggling plugs had minimal effect, so it was time to pop it open. There isn't much to these things as it's all SMD and on a single board. I couldn't see any (overly) bad soldering or problem spots, so I guessed it would be heat causing the issues.


I improvised a makeshift heatsink and the device started operating perfectly once more.


It actually occurred to me that, since I was powering the device off the TV's USB port, the device had been powered up each time the TV was on; not just when the Dreamcast was on. I assume these things just aren't built rugged enough to be used 100% of the time?

Anyway... I can only recommend to all that you pop open your devices and put heatsinks inside them for stable usage!


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