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Iomega 1GB Jaz Drive Power Supply

Picked this little beast up from the flea markets recently. It came with 2 disks and no power supply! I was so excited to see a random pile of SCSI junk at the markets, that I forgot to check if everything required was in the bundle when I picked it up.

The power plug on the back looks like a PS/2 cable with a lower pin missing. Why do it for? Of course: proprietary power means you need to contact their service desk when you need a replacement... or do you?


I started hacking up a spare PS/2 extension cable and got it to fit!

DSC06974 DSC06976 DSC06979


As I was rummaging for a compatible brick that could supply both 12v and 5v, I found that I already had a "ps/2-style" power adapter in my box-o-shite. It had exactly the right pinout, with voltages all in the correct places, but the extra pin was stilla an issue...


I grabbed the sharpest pair of snips in the toolbox and quickly hacked the plug into submission. With that pin clear, it was time to test...

DSC06999 DSC07000 DSC07001

Noooo waaaaay... it also worked perfectly when on a SCSI card. Nothing interesting on the disks though!

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  1. Brilliant! I also have a Jaz drive, but both the power supply and the PCMCIA card adapter are missing. I don’t care about the PCMCIA, and I only have one disk, but I want to know if it works.
    This could be my solution (if I’m not to busy packing and moving, and just buy one).

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