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Melbourne August/September 2014

Only two months behind... here's the highlights from South Yarra over August/September this year.

Metro's Inspection Train

Metro have converted an old passenger car into an inspection vehicle. It's known as IEV102 has equipment for monitoring the lines it is dragged over. You'll always see it top-and-tailed by T classes.

DSC03973 DSC03975 DSC03978

BG Steel with Green G

A green Pacific National G spent a weekend on the steel train.

DSC04032 DSC04040 DSC04042

Steamrail to Eltham

Not quite South Yarra, but venturing out to see a steamer very early was rewarded by a surprise sighting of the other Metro inspection vehicle: IEV100.

DSC04058 DSC04073 DSC04082

Railside in Cremorne

There is a pretty cool spot just before the Yarra river in Cremorne to take morning photos.

DSC04103 DSC04104 DSC04109
DSC04113 DSC04158 DSC04163

Batman St Overpass: Cremorne

And then there's the Batman St overpass, but it's a little too under-the-level.

DSC04225 DSC04226 DSC04227
DSC04228 DSC04230

Carpark ramp at end of Palmer Parade

If you keep wandering down Batman St and take a right on Palmer Pde, you'll find a carpark (that looks abandoned.) It has a ramp that gives you an elevated view towards South Yarra Station. Of course, you're then stuck in the wires and the shot Northbound gets a lens full of sunlight in the morning.

DSC04244 DSC04245 DSC04252
DSC04263 DSC04264 DSC04265

Y class to Long Island

But then, something cool happened... BL Steel with a Y Class loco transfer! This supposedly happens once a year.. the loco gets swapped out for routine maintenance back in Dynon.

DSC04259 DSC04261 DSC04262 DSC04266 DSC04267

Between Hawksburn and South Yarra

Turns out that you can get some pretty clean shots facing towards Hawksburn... although you really have very little time to get ready. Zero visibility doesn't give you too much warning.

DSC04280 DSC04284 DSC04290
DSC04298 DSC04299 DSC04303

And the final steel for the month...

DSC04305 DSC04307 DSC04308
DSC04309 DSC04310

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