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68-pin RAM SIMMs

I had previously picked up this Bravo 4/33 486 Machine and had assumed, from the photos in the auction, that it needed standard 72-pin SIMMs. A quick physical test proved this assumption very wrong. This was a proprietary motherboard and the slots were narrower than 72-pin SIMMs and wider than 30-pin! I'd never actually seen anything like this before. I then researched and realised that this board needed 68-pin SIMMs.


eBay came to the rescue and two 4MB SIMMs arrived from Denmark! Seems they're mainly used in Roland hardware or Macintoshes. Anyway, from the photo above you would easily mistake them for 72-pin SIMMs. It all becomes obviously when you line up all the types...


Above we have a 128-pin SIMM, a 72-pin SIMM, two 68-pin SIMMs and then a 30pin SIMM. I think quickly tested in the motherboard and success! They fit!


Of course, the machine still didn't boot... time for more mucking around... (and no, it wasn't the fault of that loose screw...)

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