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Shin-Osaka Webcam – Timetable

I'll update this as I add more services, but here's a list of trains that you can expect to see on the Shin-Osaka Webcam. I'll try and get the freight timetable in there ASAP. Note that the current data below is sourced from Google Maps. It is very up-to-the-minute and therefore will only show future departures!

Regarding the times above... the video is on the east side of the station, so anything heading west will actually appear sooner than the time indicated. The time is the departure time from Shin-Osaka Station, so anything heading east will depart the platforms as indicated. Take anywhere from a minute to 10 seconds off the time for trains heading west.

Unfortunately, the video cannot be embedded, so you'll have to practice alt-tabbing when required.

Here's a post on what you can expect to see on the camera. And here's a cool sighting of Doctor Yellow. Send messages through if you see interesting trains!

Known interesting movements

The list below has been collated from either timetables or actually watching the camera. From my thread here, you'll start seeing the correlations, and my comments regarding, the movements that happen regularly and to the timetable.

Description Photos
DE10 Light Engine
0853 (Weekdays?)
This timeslot allows a locomotive to travel light to fetch items from Kawasaki in Hyogo. See the next line for the return service.
de10-returning more-de10
DE10 with Kawasaki Consist
1358 (following above)
This should be the same locomotive above (currently usually a DE10) returning with whatever it was sent to pick up.
de10-new-consist de10-flats
Westbound Locomotive Balancing
It seems that this freight train usually has two locomotives up front. Only one is needed, so it must be a balancing move.
hd300-load-balance double-header
...more to come...

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