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Matsucom OnHand Wearable PC

Saw this on eBay... no one else bid on it? Are you serious? It's one of the first smart watches! It was also one of the first to have its own software development kit.


DSC06887 DSC06890 DSC06894

Totally reminiscent of a Casio, it's a chunk Matsucom OnHand PC which is actually the american clone of the Seiko Ruputer. In the package is a whole lot of documentation, software, the watch, a docking station and a cute little extra battery holder.

DSC06889 DSC06895 DSC06896

I expected CR2032 coin cell batteries, but it turns out it wanted CR2025s? I went off to find some...

Using it

I was immediately presented with "Fatal Error" after turning it on. The default action is to try and open "My Computer", so I assume that area of memory is crap.

DSC06898 DSC06899 DSC06900

I booted my Windows 98se VM and plugged through the serial port. We were connected in no time and I was straight-away warned that the internal memory was rubbish. A quick format later and I had a connected watch!

2019-03-10 12 05 35-Window 2019-03-10 12 06 02-Window 2019-03-10 12 07 20-Window

2019-03-10 12 28 31-Window 2019-03-10 12 29 03-Window 2019-03-10 12 29 28-Window


The file browser kept throwing an error that shortcut.ini was missing, so I created an empty file in the relevant directory, which successfully shut the error up. I wonder what software I can put on this thing?

The community still exists!

There's a whole raft of software at PC On Hand. This website actually has all the information you could ever want. If you're bored, it seems you can even convert movies into short animations to play on your watch.

2019-03-10 12 45 18-Window

I quickly downloaded the fishtank and copied it to the watch with zero effort required.


DSC06910 DSC06911 DSC06912

Yup... Fish. Worked nicely... EXF seems to be the compiled executable for the watch and it was seen as such in the file browser after copying. It's then a really quick navigation on the watch itself and, before you know it, you've got a mini aquarium on your wrist!

Software Development

PcOH-C For Windows is here, but they want you to register to download. I tried to do so, as I'm a legitimate human and was happy to see what random emails they wanted to send. Regardless, the signup process is dead... so the file is out of reach... or is it? I changed the URL from .asp to .zip and, you guessed it, the 1.6mb of glory downloaded. Here's a version just for keep-sake. The SDK is required, and that URL doesn't work either... so here's the entire product CD.

2019-03-10 13 53 54-Window 2019-03-10 13 54 12-Window 2019-03-10 13 55 13-Window

2019-03-10 13 55 30-Window 2019-03-10 13 56 37-Window 2019-03-10 13 57 09-Window

There's a few samples in PConH and I quickly compiled the first one. MAIN.EXF was created and I was able to upload it to the watch straight from the IDE. Before that though, the IDE has an emulator in it! You don't even need to deploy to your watch to test!

2019-03-10 13 57 49-Window

I copied it to the watch anyway...

2019-03-10 16 12 46-Window

It also executed perfectly fine and, as expected, the relevant indicator popped up when pressing the joystick directions. The best part was that you can do diagonal actions as well... might come in very handy for a game!

DSC06925 DSC06928 DSC06929

What's next? I think this watch deserves a mini-model-railway.

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  1. Hello,
    I need communication software:
    PcOH-C For Windows
    Do you have it?

  2. Hello,

    I need assistance on how you had your VM windows 98 recognize your USB to serial port.

    • Hi Devon,
      The USB Serial device was mapped through to the Virtual Machine via the Virtual Box configuration. It was mapped as a COM Port, not as a USB device. That way it used the USB drivers on Win10 and no drivers were required inside Windows 98.

  3. hello! i was wondering if you knew if the Japanese variant, the ruputer, whas the same product as the onhand pc


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