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QR Rail Grinder at Ararat

The day trip was simple... take the Overland (for the first time) from Southern Cross to Ararat, spend the afternoon in town and then return on the evening V/Locity.

The afternoon freight was smack on time. But then this happened.

DSC03045 DSC03052 DSC03055
DSC03057 DSC03063 DSC03067 DSC03069 DSC03072

This is the RG331 QR Rail Grinder. ARTC contracts it to freshen the rails around their network. I had heard something grinding away and headed for the rails... but had missed it. Fortunately it reversed and re-grinded the same location. Of note, it has quite a strange horn.

Was a pleasant surprise... have only ever previously seen it staged in sidings. Here are some shots from Yass Junction, way back in 2009.

Melbourne XPT Griffith Xplorer NRs on Steel
Steel passes Grinder QR Rail Grinder QR Rail Grinder QR Rail Grinder Melbourne XPT