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Table Railway – Continued

It's been green for a while.. but I thought I might as well provide a long-overdue update. The table layout has received a fresh coating of grass and it in quite a reasonable state after moving house. It coped with being held upright through doorways and thrown around in a car... so it seems my process of painting, gluing and spraying ballast and foliage worked well.

Painting the base scenery

The last thing you need is white plaster showing through the scenery base. It really does ruin all of your hard work very quickly.

To prevent this I coated the entire base with an appropriately colored paint. Japan is ultra-lush, so green here will work well.

DSC01604 DSC01602 DSC01609

Adding the grass

Adding grass to the green paint brings it to life. Texture is the key here and un-even-ness is to be achieved.

Don't be scared to glue layer upon layer upon layer. I've used a glue/water ratio of around 3-10 to make sure everything sticks. It's a little thicker than you'll need for a layout that won't be thrown around as much as this one will.

DSC01611 DSC01614 DSC01643

Sinking and Ballasting the track

I'd done this before on my previous railway and the effect is much more realistic. Although the plastic ballast that comes with Unitrack isn't ugly, it easily removes from the realism of a layout. To get around this I've cut a trench for the track and glued ballast down the sides. Be careful not to completely cover the track with glue...

DSC01619 DSC01621 DSC01616
DSC01635 DSC01644 DSC01647
DSC01735 DSC01728 DSC01722

It's about time to add a city.


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