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Geldermalsen – December, 2019

The goal was to get close enough to a junction with the Betuweroute, the freight-exclusive railway line, of which I can't even pronounce, that links Germany to Rotterdam. Trains either run the entire length of the railway to get to the port of Rotterdam, or they exit at one of the many off-ramps onto the standard NS railway lines. Geldermalsen is one of these locations as there's a junction with the Betuweroute just a few KM south.

's Hertogenbosch

Geldermalsen is a lesser station and therefore only served by NS' Sprinter services. You can get there from either side: Utrecht or 's Hertogenbosch, another name I can't pronounce. I chose the latter.


DSC02493 DSC02496 DSC02498

The main station building is quite beautiful. There's a ton of throw-backs to the previous factories, or maybe even the previous station structure; I couldn't quite tell. There was also a cute little shunter on the side, not doing much at all... I wonder if the station receives freight? I didn't hang around for long though as the connections were great to get the next northbound sprinter.


This station is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but still well patronised and very clean and tidy. There's a really handy pedestrian bridge crossing all lines, but with caternary, it doesn't provide the best view. The station has three roads per direction, including a passing lane as the final road. Further below you'll see how the freight use it to let the express trains pass.


DSC02500 DSC02501 DSC02502

The express trains didn't stop. They are scheduled with 30-minute head-ways and so there's always one heading in one direction or the other.

DSC02505 DSC02511 DSC02557


It wasn't long before a southbound freight train arrived. The consist entered the far road and held back until another express passed through.


DSC02527 DSC02528 DSC02529

DSC02530 DSC02533 DSC02536

There's actually a branch line to the north-west that heads off to Dordrecht. This is run by smaller consists that park at the far end of platform 1. There's then a crossover that allows the sprinters to use the same platform, but at a more convenient location, closer to the station building.

DSC02537 DSC02540 DSC02544

DSC02547 DSC02546 DSC02545


Another freight train passed through northbound, but also had to wait in the third road for a northbound express.


DSC02563 DSC02564 DSC02570



It was bloody cold, so I jumped on the next northbound sprinter; there was family to enjoy out the front o' the Rijksmuseum ... ice skating! I had a few more minutes and so I stopped at the next station north for a quick hop. Culemborg is a stanfard country station with no passing lanes. It has a great waiting room, of which I failed to take a photo.


DSC02595 DSC02597 DSC02599

The expresses bolt through, but there was no time to hang for a sprinter after the one that was approaching; I jumped on and returned to Amsterdam.

DSC02602 DSC02603 DSC02605

Check that last shot out! Google translate app working real-time translating whatever my phone camera was pointed at!

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