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Capturing the output of an Amiga

You might have more luck than me, but I've had a little bit of trouble both outputting a clean composite signal from an Amiga and then capturing it using a PC. Not knowing if my first capture device was at fault, I upgraded an A520 RF modulator to support S-Video, but this still didn't work. The video capture device in question was a Japanese Area Powers Entry Model V.2, bought in a hurry during the last trip whilst testing Super Famicoms... Haha... the name is hugely appropriate!


It didn't work back in Japan when testing the Famicoms, and it didn't work now with the Amiga 500 + A520. I went googling and found all sorts of posts indicating driver installation caveats for Windows 10, but none of this worked. I then tested it with my PlayStation 2 and got a pretty crisp picture!... It was then obvious that this unit would not work with the output of the Amiga.

AverMedia H339 Mini

This cute/tiny PCI-Express card is very barebones. You can tell it's OEM and came from a machine of one of the big brands. Very hard to find drivers as well! I ended up pulling apart a Dell Driver from here. Here's the actual setup file you'll need for Windows 7,8,10 64-bit.


DSC00004 DSC00006 DSC00008

Anyway, with this physically installed and the device happily showing in Device Manager, I attempted to use the unit under VLC. Make sure that you choose the correct input (via the advanced button via the device properties) when you're setting up the capture...


vlc-2 vlc-3 vlc-4

And that you have PAL chosen instead of NTSC.... and then...


Ahh! Finally, no more switching monitors and no more photos of a computer monitor! Finally just easy PNG screenshots. Note that you might notice a slight delay/lag in the capture video on your PC with VLC. To fix this, hit show more options in the capture dialog and set the caching to 0ms.
You can also set ":live-caching=0" on VLC command line.

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