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Miniworld, Rotterdam – December, 2019

Just like Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg, Rotterdam has it's own version tailored to The Netherlands, located just a few hundred metres from the central exit of Rotterdam Station. And speaking of which, the station entrance is an amazing piece of architecture!


Anyway, back to the wander... head west along the main road from the station entrance and you'll soon find Miniworld!


Admission was less than 20 euro and totally worth it. The entrance is just after the restaurant and you'll start off at a beachside town that looked similar to Enkhuizen.

DSC02951 DSC02950 DSC02946

DSC02952 DSC02953 DSC02956



DSC02964 DSC02970 DSC02984


You'll then wander around to a port. Note also that the days cycle through in beautiful colour... you can actually see it in the background of the following shot as the colour change started sweeping across the layout.


DSC02988 DSC02990 DSC02993


As you're cornering around the you'll notice the control room and model-building area on the left. Check it out... the software is amazing, all digital and alerting when the trains are having issues.

DSC03001 DSC03024 DSC03025

As you continue around, you'll find yourself in a more modern city, finishing with a landmark that we've already seen in real life.

DSC03002 DSC03004 DSC03010


DSC03018 DSC03019 DSC03020

Finally, there's a back room with two older, non-functional layouts. They're actually a lovely tribute to a previous member of the organisation who had passed away. These were from the garage in the garden!


Next, it's time to head downstairs! There's currently another layout under construction in the theme of the UK! There's a few bits and pieces running, but they're expecting it to be complete in another 2 years.


DSC03027 DSC03028 DSC03032


DSC03030 DSC03033 DSC03034


DSC03038 DSC03040 DSC03041


I loved the sign outside... A whole world is waiting for you!

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  1. Wow, that looks like a great place to visit. Wonder what software they are running? Almost looks like RocRail. The architecture of Rotterdam is pretty amazing.

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