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Random New Acquisition

I would've really loved to have been told the story behind this... Who would bother importing it to Australia? No real idea as it was in an antique store from an estate. Someone must've enjoyed the technology during the last war and taken it home with them?


And the text version:


型式認可 91-7948 厚生省認可 47B-371
定格電圧 100V 定格周波数 50/60Hz
定格消費電力 4P 150/125W 6P 125/100W
定格時間 30分 製造番号 721 0280
製造者名 株式会社 日本医療電機研究所

100v will mean a new motor or a step-down transformer that can handle the wattage. Stay tuned... (actually, don't Just browse here to see what it is!)

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