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Eizan Dentetsu (Eiden) Kyoto, Japan

Was just travelling via Google Earth and decided to check out North Kyoto. The Eizan Electric Railway runs one and two-car EMUs from Demachiyanagi Station up to either Mount Kurama or Mount Hiei. I haven't travelled up to Hiei-san yet, but I do love the trains that travel up to Kurama.

Usually google maps satellite photography is taken at random hours and doesn't capture anything interesting, but it seems this time they have captured a Kirara 900 Series about to pass an 800 Series at Ninose Station.

Just thought I'd take a snapshot and record it... it's a beautiful area of Kyoto and everyone must visit at least once!

Meanwhile... here's a few old shots of my visits there including these two EMUs.

Eizan Dentetsu Kirara 900 at Iwakura Station Kirara 900 at Iwakura Station
Kirara 900 paused at Demachiyanagi Station Kirara 900 Kirara 900
Eizan Dentetsu 800 Series Eizan Dentetsu Yards Eizan Dentetsu
Kirara 900 Eizan 800 Series Eizan Dentetsu - Demachiyanagi
Eizan Dentetsu Colourful Train Eizan Dentetsu Kirara 900 Maple Orange Eizan Dentetsu Kirara 900 Maple Red_001
Eizan Dentetsu Kirara 900 Maple Red_002

I could go on about this railway forever .... go and visit it now.

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  1. Got to ride a Kirara 900 during the peak of fall colors, oh my god. The walk over Mt. Kurama is totally worth it, even if you don’t hit any of the massively expensive spas on the other side…

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