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Curry Station Niagara, Yutenji, Tokyo – June, 2024

This post has been in draft state since mid-2019... as I'd promised myself to visit this restaurant back then, but had never made it. The restaurant in question is Curry Station Niagara in Yutenji, Tokyo. It's a train-themed curry cafe and it's only open from 11-5pm each day. This timing does make it hard... and somehow I'd always targeted it for dinner. Fortunately, this time I had time for lunch!

It's easy to get to, being just a short walk from Tokyo Metro's Yutenji Subway Station. Note that only local trains stop at Yutenji Station!... don't try and take an express! Exit the station via the east exit and turn left. You'll soon find a hint on a corner that you're heading in the right direction...

Follow the extension cable that powers that sign and you'll arrive at the destination.

Once inside, you'll find a bench on the right to wait, whilst a counter seat or booth becomes free. At the end of the waiting area there is a ticket machine to purchase food and beverage. Talk to the proprietor first to work out where to sit and then purchase your tickets.

I went for a counter seat (pretty cramped!) as the three booths were occupied. There's a G-Scale railway running around the perimiter of the restaurant which delivers food, where possible.

Whilst other passengers receive their lunch...

Make sure you take in the full surroundings!

Before-long, my katsu curry arrived... and it was delicious!

Absolutely worth the visit. You even get a ticket as a souvenir of your visit.

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