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Apple Macintosh Quadra 950

What. A. Beast. This thing is huge. I acquired it from an unexpected win on an eBay auction. This came with an untested Apple PDS PowerPC Upgrade Card and I expected it to go for a lot more than the sub-$100 price I got it for. It doesn't have a CDROM or Ethernet Card (although it has the Apple Ethernet port, but I don't have an adapter), so I wont be doing much with it straight away. The only IO mechanism is the floppy, but who has floppy drives in their machines anymore?

The purchase of this Quadra will be my entrance into the Vintage Macintosh arena. I'm going to upgrade and expand where possible, detailing the process along the way.... I can't imagine it's going to be easy to find all of the necessary parts and/or information, so all help is greatly appreciated.

The following table is a list of posts details specific items I've either added or upgraded. I'll be adding to it as I publish more pages...

Quadra 950 Upgrades & Plans


The following list is not in any specific order. There's some great sites as well as standard marketing guff.

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