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LocalTalk Ethernet Bridge

I've tried it before, back then resorting to a hardware solution, but this time I wanted to get Apple's software LocalTalk Bridge working. The setup was meant to be simple... I had RetroNAS running in VirtualBox on my actual NAS, ethernet-over-power to the dinner table to a Centris 660AV, which in turn was connected to a Macintosh LC via LocalTalk.

Appletalk was configured and working, but for some reason I'd chosen to use the Modem Port on both machines. I then installed LocalTalk Bridge 2.1 and, initially, nothing worked ... Chooser just locked up and didn't show anything.

Anyway, the short answer is that LocalTalk Bridge ONLY works with the printer port. Don't try and use the Modem Port! I suppose the icon says it all? Anyway, I could've avoided the effort if I'd just read a proper tutorial like this one from retro apple computing.

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  1. Hello! Sorry for the off-topic comment, but maybe the RSS function is not working? I am subscribed to this site, but I did not receive further updates after August 2023.

    Thank you and have a nice year! Love your retro-posts :)

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