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What RAM slots are these?

I recently found a relic on eBay. It's an AST Bravo 4/33 (not the LC!) and has a very proprietary motherboard. I'd seen the photos and I thought I saw standard 72-pin SIMM slots. Turns out I was totally wrong... I've never seen this size before!? There's a similar-but-not-quite motherboard diagram here, but the jumpers are in different locations. The strange RAM also doesn't get a mention?


Turns out they're neither 30-pin, nor 72-pin! Did AST decide to use Apple's proprietary 64-pin SIMMs? There are similar (68-pin) 256kb and 512kb SIMMs on eBay, but they don't match the pin-count and they're for VRAM in older Apples? There also seems to be other something resembling RAM soldered onto the motherboard, but I can't find any information to determine if that's actually RAM or just cache. Either way, the machine just beeps once when power is applied. The beep sounds like a standard "NO RAM" boot error. There's also a fried electrolytic capacitor.

...Actually, I just found two 64-pin 4mb SIMMs for an Amiga... Let's see if they work when/if they arrive...

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