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Adding LEDs to a Japanese Shop

Pictures speak louder than words, so below is a quick tutorial on how to get an off-the-shelf TomyTec Japanese Shop Building lit with LED lighting. In total, this building received 6 LEDs; lantern, side-door, top floor (x2), bottom floor (x2).

Interior Lighting + Side Door

Model Railway Model Railway Model Railway

The trickiest part of this installation was the lantern that hangs out the front. I actually sliced it in half and bored out the middle to fit an LED inside. I also trimmed down the LED with a file to get it to fit a little more easily. This was done with my pocket-knife and I stopped when I felt it grinding metal. :)

Note that I borrowed ideas from this blog and I strongly recommend you check out the work the author has done on their layout!

Front Lantern

Model Railway Model Railway Model Railway
Model Railway Model Railway

And finally, everything is wired up. You can see the huge hole I accidently drilled in the side of the shop... luckily the lantern covers it over pretty well.

Finished Product

Model Railway Model Railway Model Railway

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  1. Impressive work with that lantern! How long did that take?

    • Just the lantern took about an hour… the rest was spent waiting for glue to dry.
      Actually, I nearly spent the most time attempting to disassemble the building. It seems that (I don’t actually remember the maker, I think it’s TomyTec) jammed in the ‘second level’ divider very well and there is no simple way to get it out. In the end I had to bend and flex the entire building to gain access.

      Also, I must point out that I stole the lantern idea from here:
      The Tounosawa Blog has some amazing work on scenery detail and yes, I am guilty of borrowing a few ideas :)

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