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Osaka – May 2013

More from the photo album I'd neglected... This time it's Osaka and it's 3 years since I'd last visited.

Shinosaka station

Staying at the same apartment as usual (Thanks Masa-san!) I had the same great view of the trunk from Shinosaka Station to Osaka Station north of the Yodogawa.

DSC00462 DSC00467 DSC00468

With my freight timetable in hand, it was easy to be there at the right time to see the transfers through to Umeda Freight Yard or Ajikawaguchi.

Later that night I ventured to Shinosaka Station itself and checked out the expresses on platforms 11 and 12.

DSC00658 DSC00662 DSC00665
DSC00663 DSC00667 DSC00670 DSC00668

Hankai Tram Network - Ebisucho

The Hankai Tramway runs from the southern end of Den Den Town into the southern suburbs of Osaka. It has a cute selection of very well looked-after aging rolling stock.

DSC00478 DSC00481 DSC00485 DSC00518 DSC00514

The two photos at the end are from the steps on the northern side of Spa World as you head into Shinsekai. It's a display of one of the old Hankai Trams and has mentionings on the history. I couldn't read it ....

Noda Station - Tetsudou Library

I waited here one night for the Super Rail Cargo M250. It didn't come... The Railway Library is still there though! Very impressive... something that wouldn't commercially survive in any other country, I'd imagine... the photos below are the most recent from May 2013 and then photo I took in 2010. Not much of a difference, just different paper posters in the left windows.

A Haruka also bolted past on its way to Kyoto...

DSC00687 DSC00691 Railway Library... 180yen for 30minutes access.