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Converting a Kato Power Pack to 240v

This was as easy as the I.M.A.S.S. Power Supply that I converted previously.

DSC02937 DSC02938 DSC02939

These are easy to pop open... pull the feet off and then undo all the screws.

DSC02940 DSC02942 DSC02943

Find a transformer of similar size and voltage from your trusted and local electronics store and then swap the existing 110v transformer out.

DSC02944 DSC02945 DSC02946

DSC02947DSC02948 DSC02949

There's the usual make-it-fit work. The newer transformer had bigger feet and I didn't have a clean way of sizing them to fit. So I removed a bit of the plastic casing on the base of the power pack.

DSC02950 DSC02951 DSC02952

Re-do the wiring... the powercord is fed directly into the transformer. Tie a knot in it to stop any yanking from doing damage. Then solder the two internal wires.

DSC02953 DSC02955 DSC02956

Black is ground (tested this with my old workhorse multimeter.) And that was it... works perfectly!